The Menu

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Shaami Kabob

Mixture of Ground Beef and Ground lamb kabob, mixed with parsley and onion


Beef Kabob

Marinated Pure chunks of Top Sirloin beef


Chicken Tandoori

Chicken marinated in yogurt and assorted spices


Chicken Kabob

Marinated Pure chunks of chicken Breast


Lamb Kabob

Pure chunks of lamb


Lamb Chops

Tender servings of mutton


Shaami + Beef

Combination servings of Kubideh and Beef


Shaami + Chicken

Combination servings of Kubideh and Chicken


(All kabobs are served with a side of rice, flatbread, and a grilled tomato)

Vegetarian Dishes


Lentils and split peas cooked in a tantalizing Afghan-style broth



Sauteed spinach prepared and cooked the Afghan way



Chicken Curry

Chicken stewed in an in-house Afghan-style curry. Served with rice and Naan.



Afghan Style Beef meatballs prepared in a tomato-based sauce. Served with rice and Naan.


Sea Food

Large Shrimp Dish

8 to 10 Large Shrimps Grilled and placed on top of French-style Sauce with a side of vegetables, Basmati rice and naan.


Sides and Drinks


The classic fountain drink


Persian Salad

Persian style salad with tomatoes, cucumber, and onions


Green Tea

Good ol’ Green tea


Home made Doogh and Bottle Doogh

Yogurt Soda mixed with carbonated water

$2.25 and $2.75

Mantu (Appetizer)

Afhgan-style beef dumplings steamed in a house sauce


Iced Tea

Refreshing iced black tea


Mantu (Meal serving)

Full meal-sized serving of the Mantu.


Side order of Daal

Lentils with chickpeas


Side Order of sabzi

Sauteed Afghan-style spinach


Side order of chicken curry

Smaller portion of the chicken curry




Deep-fried batter soaked in a house syrup



Intricately stacked layers of filo held together by syrup



Deep-fried dough topped with powdered sugar


NAZ Kitchen – The House of Kabobs

1924 Addison Avenue East

Twin Falls, Idaho 83301